Here is Why art moves and inspires us

We live in a world that is becoming more and more homogenous, everywhere we go we see the results of a globalism reflected back to us in the places we go, the stores we shop at or the food we eat.  The world we have created for ourselves has on the one hand enabled us to live a life independent of the struggle of surviving in nature but its also robbed us from the mystery and magic of our world.

You may not consider yourself a collector of art, but we are all drawn to art because it reminds us and takes us back to that child sense of wonder. Art when done right comes from the world of fantasy, that place that exists between the known and the unknown. My name is Wes and in my shop that is the kind of art I aim to create. I work traditionally in pen and ink but also acrylic and watercolor. The topics I like to explore reflect my own interests in fantastic mythology, psychedelics and peer deep into the shadows of our world.  

Welcome to my online home, I invite you to come in and learn about me and the symbolism and imagery I put into my art. I have written a little bit about what inspires me for each piece I post. Feel free to explore my shop, sign up for my newsletter on my website or follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Your support allows me to continue making great art so thank you for visiting!